Services For Clients

AgeWell helps elderly clients stay well and stay connected to their communities. AgeWell can provide companionship and friendship, helping to reduce isolation, and can help connect clients to other medical and social resources.

AgeWell targets a unique subset of the older adult population. They are older adults living independently, who suffer from discrete medical conditions that when neglected or poorly managed increase the risk of hospitalization; and when properly managed by AgeWells reduce the risk of hospitalization.

Services AgeWell provides:

  • Home visits and phone calls by a trained AgeWell companion
  • Companionship support
  • Health monitoring of major risk factors for elderly persons

Services AgeWell does NOT provide:

  • Diagnoses, treatment, or medical care of any kind
  • 24/7 care
  • Cleaning, food preparation, shopping, transportation services

AgeWell has piloted these services in:

  • Khayelitsha, Cape Town and
  • Sea Point, Cape Town